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When there are pests around, it freaks you out. Isn’t that right? Throughout North Lakes and its surrounding areas, Carpet Cleaning North Lakes provides pest control services. North Lakes has been battling pests like rodents, termites, and ants for over a decade. Our Pest Control North Lakes team arrives always on time, are reliable, and considerate.  To provide our customers with the highest quality results, we use the latest technology in pest management and removal. We are available at 07 2000 4562. Therefore, you can put all your faith in us. Our team is efficient enough to get rid of those pests.

What is so important about Pest Control Services?

In order to understand why pest management is so important, let’s examine the following reasons:

1. Protecting structures and homes from damage

Firstly, an infestation of termites is especially problematic in older homes and structures with no pest control. Pest control agencies can assist in keeping a house safe from termites in areas.

2. Preventing allergies

Secondly, people can develop allergies and asthma as a result of pests. Some pests carry allergens that can trigger strong allergic reactions. Children are also at risk of developing asthma from pests. 

3. Preventing deterioration of households

Thirdly, it is essential to apply pest control to save furniture, carpets, and clothing. Additionally, to avoid the costs of repairs and replacements. Some insects, such as carpet bugs, moths, cockroaches, and silverfish, feed on fabric.

4. Maintenance of food supply

Most importantly, food is not the only organic material that pests consume. Moreover, they also leave behind dead skin, body parts, feces, and urine, all of which can affect the quality of our food. Additionally, your business facilities need to be pest-free these days. 

Therefore, to remove pests from your business or commercial property, our North Lakes commercial pest control experts are available.

North Lakes Pest Management & Termite Treatment Services

Carpet Cleaning North Lakes offers a wide range of pest management and treatment solutions to cater to your needs, whether you are a homeowner or a business.

These solutions include:

  • Inspections for termites
  • Treatment for termites
  • Extermination of termites
  • Inspections of pests prior to purchase
  • Control of pests
  • Deterrents, traps, and bait

Moreover, we offer a comprehensive range of pest monitoring and pre-purchase services.  We will inspect all areas of your property, both inside and outdoors.  Also, we will check roof and floor cavities to make sure that there are no active pests.  Additionally, we will also notify you if any areas of concern may be threatening in the future.

Areas of inspection of your property will include:

The front yard – Termites and ants can attack many external areas of your yard and property. Particularly, timber fencing and retaining walls, as well as other landscaping elements.

The Roofing of your house – It includes the roof, skylights, vents, flues, valleys, gutters, downpipes. Additionally, it includes eaves, roof battens, trusses, top plates, hanging beams, and rafters.

Throughout your house – Your skirting boards, door trims, door jambs, window architraves, doors, cupboards, inside the walls, and flooring.

Your home’s foundation – All of the bearers, joists, timber piers, timber flooring, and stored timbers.

We are an effective and trusted pest control company

Carpet Cleaning North Lakes use safe and family-friendly pest treatments for your home or business. Our North Lakes residential and commercial pest control services cover homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels.

Additionally, we are a professional and friendly pest control company in North Lakes. Therefore, call us if you have a pest problem that needs addressing. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

Types of pest infestations we treat


As part of our termite inspection services, we use advanced technology. We provide detailed reports on all findings from our termite inspections.

Ant control:

It is best to leave ant control to the professionals. It is important to determine the type of ant causing the pest problem. We can determine the type of ant and better understand its life cycle and behavior. Therefore, it helps in better treatment.

Bed bug Treatment:

Heat and steam are effective ways to kill bed bug infestations. Above all, an effective bed bug control requires a perfect combination of chemicals. We effectively combat bed bugs.

Cockroach Treatment:

In areas like drawers and countertops, you will find cockroach droppings. Even inside cabinets. You will also find cockroach feces on walls. Cockroaches eat nearly anything they can find. Our pest control methods eliminate these pests effectively.

Fleas Treatment:

Start by treating your pet for flea infestations in your home. Most importantly, pets are the main source of food for fleas. Carpet Cleaning North Lakes will treat your pet and then spray a pesticide on all floor areas in your home following the treatment. This treatment is safe for humans and pets, but not for fleas.

Silverfish Treatment:

Silverfish are nocturnal and active at night. Therefore, treating them successfully can be difficult. When treating silverfish, we usually apply a bag of dust containing a small amount of pesticide. Silverfish treatment, however, is safe with us.

Rats Treatment:

In addition to their ability to survive indoors, outdoors, in sewers and drains, rats are very discrete and can access homes and buildings very easily. Wall voids, boxes, food storage, and roof voids are examples of places where they nest. Our pest control specialists will treat these areas efficiently.

Project Timeline

Providing pesticide control services that meet or exceed your expectations is our three-step process.

  • Inspection
  • Consultation
  • Elimination

Why choose us as your partner?

  • We carry license 
  • Moreover, we serve instantly
  • We abide by the protocols
  • You have a safe environment
  • We use safe methods

Furthermore, Pest Control North Lakes will ensure your investment is a wise one. Call us today!

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