How to Clean Carpets? Carpet Cleaning Guide

No matter what sort of house you’ve, the entire interior will be elevated with the use of beautiful carpets. In many homes, people use these carpets for seating purposes. Whether for flooring or seating, homeowners need to have proper cleaning of the carpets. Carpets can get dirty often because of their everyday application. Many people who have expensive and delicate carpets always ask how to clean the carpets. What should be the cleaning materials? How often should it be cleaned? There are a lot of questions that come to the homeowner’s mind.

Carpet Cleaning Guide

Here’s the Carpet Cleaning Guide that one needs to know-

How often should you clean your carpet?

As already known, carpets get dirty as they are used every day by people, guests, and even pets. Whether you have soft or fiber carpets, you need to do proper and regular vacuuming at least once a week for the best results. This is a must as it helps in removing the dust and dirt from the carpets and prevents them from penetrating the fibers.

  • The use of vacuum cleaners for dust removal

One of the common things that people always get fed up with is the dust entry into the home. Windows and open doors are the common ways through which dust enters your home. Thus, to remove the dust from your carpets, you need to do vacuum cleaning efficiently. In the market, you’ll find different sorts of cleaners that are very effective for carpets. So, you can check them as per your carpet cleaning requirements. Also, you can hire expert carpet cleaners in North Lakes to get help in vacuum cleaning.

  • Treat carpet stain immediately

One of the important points of this carpet cleaning guide is the immediate cleaning of the stains. The spills of wine, coffee, pet foods, and chocolates can cause a huge strain on the carpet. So, to avoid its spread and remove it, you need to do spot cleaning immediately. 

If you are seeing spills on the carpet then make sure to use tissue paper to soak the excess spills. After this, sprinkle some water and again use a paper towel to soak it. Do not rub the stained area as this might cause the spread of the stain.

  • Use baking soda

Use Baking soda for effective carpet cleaning. it removes foul smells and also disinfects the entire carpet. For this, you just needed to make a mix of salt and baking soda and then sprinkle it on the Carpet. Now, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda mix after an hour.  Make sure to try this step of cleaning at least once in a month for effective results. You can also keep your carpet in sunlight to extend its life. It is one of the most effective for carpet cleaning.


Carpet takes a lot of dirt and dust from the footwear. To keep it clean, you need to do frequent vacuuming cleaning and deeper sessions of cleaning. Follow this carpet cleaning guide to extend the life of your carpet. These are effective ways of carpet cleaning.